Sponsorship Opportunities

Educational Programming & Academic Competitions

AISES provides a multitude of educational workshops, trainings and sessions to its members throughout the National Conference. These offerings are designed to help prepare and encourage students so they may successfully progress to the next level of their educational and professional pursuits.


Graduate, undergraduate and pre-college students submit written abstracts and present their research using a poster or oral format. Submissions are evaluated by a committee of STEM professionals.

$10,000 Graduate Research Oral & Poster Competitions (or 2 co-sponsors at $5,000)
Sponsors will receive acknowledgement in the conference program, research abstract booklet, at the presentation location, and during the Student Awards Luncheon.

$10,000 Undergraduate Research Oral & Poster Competitions (or 2 co-sponsors at $5,000)
Sponsors will receive acknowledgement in the conference program, research abstract booklet, at the presentation location, and during the Student Awards Luncheon.

$5,000 Pre-College Poster Competition
Sponsors will receive acknowledgement in the conference program, research abstract booklet, at the presentation location, and during the Student Awards Luncheon.

$2,500 Student Research Abstract Booklet
The student research abstract booklet (hard copy and digital) contains the abstracts of all student research presented during the poster and oral competitions. The sponsor’s logo will be featured prominently on the cover of the booklet and acknowledged in the conference program.

$2,500 Student Awards Booklet
The Student Awards booklet recognizes AISES’ pre-college and college student award recipients. Winners of academic competitions and academic scholarships are acknowledged. The sponsor would be recognized on the cover of the Student Awards Booklet.


$5,000 - Student Orientation  
Provide 5-minute welcoming remarks at the mandatory orientation for all student conference attendees.

Session Tracks: Includes recognition in conference program and a 5-minute welcome from the sponsoring organization preceding the first session of each track. Opportunity to disseminate materials (requires pre-approval).

  • $5,000 High School Track 
  • $5,000 - College Track 
  • $5,000 - Professional Track 
  • $5,000 - STEM in Business Track
  • $5,000 - Research Track 

$10,000 - STEM Activity Day  
A conference event targeting high school students with hands on programming and interactive sessions.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities 

$20,000 Resume Room (or 2 co-sponsors at $10,000)
The resume room will be available to students on Thursday and Friday. Equipped with computers, printers and staffed by experts from sponsoring organization(s), participants will polish their resumes for upload to the AISES Resume Database and to distribute at the National Conference College & Career Fair.

$20,000 Plenary Session
Host a plenary session for 500 conference attendees (can be offered to a targeted audience). Feature a presentation/discussion on a highly dynamic topic relevant to AISES members. Content must be developed in collaboration with AISES. On-stage and signage recognition of sponsorship prior to beginning of plenary. Ability to disseminate branded giveaway.

$20,000 Student Awards Luncheon (or 2 co-sponsors at $10,000)
The Awards Luncheon pays tribute to AISES pre-college and college students, announcing the conference research presentation winners and acknowledging AISES scholarship recipients. Sponsor will be
acknowledged in the conference program and will have the opportunity to give a brief (3 minute) address during the luncheon.

$20,000 Closing Banquet
The 2018 Closing Gala will celebrate AISES’ students, professionals and partners who are a part of our journey. At the event we will also pay tribute to the 2018 Professional of the Year awardees. Sponsor will be acknowledged in all conference materials and throughout the banquet.

$15,000 Keynote Breakfast
Host a keynote breakfast session for conference attendees (can be offered to a targeted audience), featuring a speaker selected by AISES. Sponsors will receive a table for 10 and will open the session with a brief introduction.

$15,000 College & Career Fair Lunch (or 2 co-sponsors at $7,500)
Sponsors of the College & Career Fair lunch will be recognized during the event, in the conference program and on signage in front of the exhibit hall and lunch service area. Sponsors will be welcome to give a brief (5 minute) address during the lunch hour.

$10,000 Student Social (or 2 co-sponsors at $5,000)
This fun filled social event will include entertainment, dancing and snacks on Friday night. Sponsors will receive prominent visibility throughout the evening.

$10,000 Professional Members Mixer (or 2 co-sponsors at $5,000)
The AISES professional members gathering is an exciting event bringing together hundreds of individuals from various industry areas. Sponsors will have an opportunity to address participants and will have visibility throughout the evening and in conference materials.

$10,000 Traditional Native Powwow
Sponsor the traditional cultural event to be held on Saturday evening. This is the “grand finale” event for the conference and welcomes both conference attendees and local community members.

$5,000 Networking Suite
This buffet style networking event offers a series of simultaneous receptions for conference participants to meet others with common interest and careers. As a casual networking opportunity that proceeds the College & Career Fair, many use this time to meet and mingle with students to set up meetings and interviews. This year, AISES will offer the following suites (all available for sponsorship): Academia/Research, Aerospace, Armed Forces/Intelligence, Energy and Natural Resources, Food and Agriculture, GeoScience, Health and Medical, Tech and Telecon, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods and Transportation.

Sponsors will be acknowledged in the conference program and on signage for each suite.

$5,000 Wellness Activity (Friday and Saturday)
Participants engage in morning wellness activities on Friday and Saturday. Sponsor will be acknowledged in conference program and at the activity each morning.

$5,000 Industry Partner Tours
AISES will coordinate various Industry Partner Tours for students and/or professionals. Sponsorship will cover transportation and advertising. Companies sponsoring tours will receive acknowledgement in conference materials including website and social media.


AISES National Conference Sponsorship Packages

Gemstone Sponsorship provides the broadest visibility to your organization, while also supporting AISES’ mission to convene its membership. The AISES National Conference is the largest gathering of Native STEM students and professionals and includes the largest career fair in Indian Country. 


  • $100,000  Medallion
  • $75,000    Jade
  • $50,000    Turquoise
  • $30,000    Coral
  • $20,000    Lapis
  • $10,000    Onyx

Learn More About Sponsorship Packages


Kellie Jewett-Fernandez
Director of Business and Program Development
720-552-6123 Ext. 105

Native Circle Sponsorships

AISES offers special sponsorship opportunity for Tribes, Native Businesses and Native Nonprofits.

Learn More About Native Circle Sponsorships


Shayna Gutierrez
Tribal and Business Development Manager
720-552-6123 Ext. 106

Other Exciting Sponsorship Opportunities 

$10,000 Hackathon
hackAISES will spark creativity and ingenuity within Native students about the various possibilities technology offers while also fueling innovation and showcasing how technology can be a powerful tool within their own communities. Support this conference event with a sponsorship and by offering hands-on support to participants.

$10,000 Social Media Booth
Host a Social Media Booth with included benefits such as signage at the booth and in the conference program. Company logo will be included on photo strips and streaming social media.

$10,000 WiFi Sponsorship
Help connect conference participants as the WiFi sponsor! Sponsor will receive acknowledgement in a splash page when participants connect to the internet.

$10,000 Conference Program Printing
Receive the back cover of the program for your full-color advertisement. This is an exclusive advertising opportunity; as only Medallion, Jade and Turquoise sponsors can place ads in the conference program.

$10,000: Snack Break (Multiple Available)
Host a snack break at the National Conference and receive prominent signage, acknowledgement in the conference program and access to students and professionals during the break.

$7,500 Conference Program at a Glance
Receive the back cover of the Conference Program at a Glance for your full-color advertisement. Program at a glance will be placed in participant name badge holders.

$5,000 Footprints
Sponsor logos will be placed on footprints throughout the convention center that will guide and direct conference participants.

$5,000 Elders Lounge
Support intergenerational cultural and educational exchange by sponsoring the Elders Lounge. Throughout the event AISES’ Council of Elders and local elders welcome students and professionals to join them for coffee and conversation.

$5,000 Coffee Break (Multiple Available)
Host a coffee break at the National Conference and receive prominent signage, acknowledgement in the conference program and access to students and professionals during the break.

$5,000 Water Bottles
Keep conference participants hydrated throughout the duration of the conference by sponsoring the official water bottle w/ your organizational logo. All attendees will receive their water bottle at registration.

$1,500 Student Travel Scholarship
Underwrite an AISES student’s attendance at the 2018 National Conference. Your $1,500 will be applied towards round-trip travel, lodging and conference registration for one student.

Other Branding Opportunities with AISES

AISES Job Board
Posting jobs on the AISES website enables employers to advertise opportunities within their organizations to a wide population of AISES members. AISES’ membership is comprised of professionals, students, educators, and others in science, engineering and related technical fields. With over 4,000 active members, and many others that visit the website, advertising your job postings online with AISES is a great way attract great candidates. In addition, job postings may be featured in our monthly opportunities newsletter that goes out to more than 15,000 individuals. https://careers.aises.org

Winds of Change Advertising
Winds of Change is the premier national magazine of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). The keystone of the organization’s communications channel, Winds of Change has been published since the mid-1980s with a readership of over 6,000. With its well-established track record of increasing engagement, achievement, advancement, and presence in STEM disciplines, this unique publication has long been valued by Indigenous North Americans.

Winds of Change is a high-value resource and recruitment tool for associations, government agencies, corporations, and colleges and universities in the United States and now in Canada. For AISES, uniting with Canadian First Nations STEM students and professionals represents an inspiring extension of the organization’s mission. Winds of Change offers numerous possibilities for advertisers at all levels to reach Indigenous North Americans in STEM through the entire year. WOC is published five times annually — with four print and one digital-only issue. All print issues are accompanied by the new digital edition platform online magazine that is emailed to readers and available for download 24/7. Other advertising opportunities include Paths to Opportunities, 2x per month digital newsletters, on AISES.org, the AISES National Conference microsite, and the new Winds of Change microsite. We can create a custom program to fit any budget.

Learn More About Winds of Change Advertising Opportunities


Candace McDonough
National Sales Director
720-552-6123 ext. 118

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